​Research and training on autonomy arrangements:

E-course on the auitonomy of South Tyrol (Eurac Research, Italy)

E-course on territorial autonomy and the Åland Example (Åland Islands Peace Institute, Finland)

ENTAN - European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network (COST Action)​

Non-territorial autonomy as minority protection in Europe: An intellectual and political history of a travelling idea​, 1850–2000 (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

50 Shades of Federalism​ (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)


Diversity Governance Papers (DiGoP)

European Yearbook of Minority Issues (EYMI)

Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (JEMIE)​

​Journal of Autonomy and Security Studies (JASS)​

Additional academic programs:

Federal Scholar in Residence-Program (EURAC Research)

Summer School on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Management (EURAC Research)

Winter School on Federalism and Governance (EURAC Research)

Summer School on National Minorities and Border Regions (European Centre for Minority Issues)


Åland Islands Peace Institute (Aland Islands, Finland)

Center for Autonomy Experience​​ (South Tyrol, Italy)

Additional online resources:

Comparative Constitutions Project

Ethnic Power Relations Dataset

European Union Democracy Observatory on Citizenship

Languages in Danger

Migrant Integration Policy Index

Minorities at Risk Project

Multiculturalism Policy Index

The Electoral Knowledge Network

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